Bake 2 Basics
Jun 11, 2018

Mini cake decorating party in Hermanus

I was so pleased to be able to assist with a mini cake decorating party.
4 girls and 1 mom put their cake decorating skills to the test.
They were each given a kit box which included a 4 inch 2 layer sponge and a 6″ board, an apron, a piping bag with buttercream and fondant.
I demonstrated a marbling effect with the fondant and this was a clear popular choice for when it came to covering their cakes. We also blended colours to get different shades.
They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had no trouble in covering their cakes with fondant.
They were all quite clear on how they wanted to decorate, and preferred to add toppers that were made by freehand.
The party lasted for 2 hours and was a perfect activity for the Hermanus rainy and cold weather.

All the photos can be viewed here.